Marriage of Te Mangu and Whai Tua

In the beginning Te Mangu and Mahora Nui Aa Rangi self evolved within Whai Tua.

Mahora Nui Aa Rangi was the earth, she was the beloved sister of Te Mangu since the time of conception when they lay in each others arms within Whai Tua.

The first born from Te Mangu and Mahora Nui was Toko Ha.

It was he whom first separated the parents with his breath keeping the father above and the mother below.

After some time Te Mangu came back down to embrace his wife and two more sons were born; Toko Roto and Toko Mua.

This time however the sons of Te Mangu could not separate their parents and the world remained in a state of darkness.

Whai Tua heard the cries from her grandsons and uplifted Te Mangu back into the heavens where he was fast bound unable to return to his beloved Mahora Nui.

And so it was the first race of gods were able to freely move between heaven and earth and multiply.

For long did Te Mangu and Mahora Nui lament and Tangi their separation eventually causing the space between to become flooded from the waters of their tears.

This caused the gods to cry out once again for Whai Tua to intervene and again she heard the cries of her Mokopuna.

Whai Tua caused Te Mangu to roll over on to his back and gaze up upon herself.

Thus did the continual rains cease and the waters started to recede.

Whai Tua was so taken by the beauty of Te Mangu that she became his wife and gave birth to two divine twins, Rangi Potiki and Papatuuaanuku.

These two twins were returned to the earth and dwelt inside a cave within a land of ice.

Rangi Potiki and Papatuuaanuku dwelt within that place for seven Poo and had seventy sons.

In the seventh Poo the brothers found their way out of the cave into the world above and saw that it was good.

It was however not their parents wish to see their sons enter the world above so the children devised a plan for their freedom.

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