Ngaa Poo

It has already been explained about Ngaa Poo, the ages or aeons of cosmological darkness before the birth of the gods.

There are two divisions of these Poo:The first is that during which the offspring of Ranginui and Papatuuaanuku dwelt in Ngaa Poo, and eventually became desirous of breaking forth from the embrace of their parents to Te Whai Ao and Te Ao Maarama.

That has already been dealt with.

The second series of Ngaa Poo commenced when Hine Nui te Poo passed through the Angi to Poutererangi, and then the second series of Ngaa Poo became permanent in Rarohenga.

Hence it is that Ngaa Poo has become the way of descent for those of the world of being to Rarohenga; and these Poo are named:

1. Te Poo Aoaonui

2. Te Poo Tamaku

3. Te Poo Tiwhatiwha

4. Te Poo Kerekere

5. Te Poo Kakarauri

6. Te Poo Uriuri

7. Te Poo Kauri

All these Poo were dedicated, consecrated and separated off to Te Kauwatawata.

It was after this that mankind ceased to visit Rarohenga in the physical body. Another series of Poo have been assigned to womankind when they give birth to the germ of mankind to the world, as has been explained.

These Poo are named:

1. Te Poo Kitea

2. Te Poo Whaia

3. Te Poo Wheau

4. Te Poo Tangotango

5. Te Poo Whaawhaa

Consequently, if any human claims to commence their pedigree from these Poo, it is wrong, impossible.

Secondly, we have seen that there are seventy members of the family born of Ranginui and Papatuuaanuku; some whose offspring gave birth to the germ of gods into this world, and some the germ of mankind, whilst some others produced rocks, reptiles, ect….

There was not one of the family of Ranginui and Papatuuaanuku that had not offspring in the everlasting world.

The division of that family into the Pou Tiri Ao of the conjoint heavens, with their special spheres of action, even down to Papatuuaanuku Matua te Kore has been explained.

Their duties have been made clear, for there is nothing whatever that has not some function to perform: the Poo, the world, each has its assigned work to do.

The many Poo and the germ of gods has been assigned to the family of Peketua; and the world has been assigned to the germ of mankind, i.e. …., the heavens; the space is the domain of the gods, whilst earth is that of mankind.

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