Pou Tiri Ao

1. At the time the Waananga was brought down to Whare Kura by Taane, by Ruatau, Pawa and the Whatukura of Te Toi Oo Ngaa Rangi, the Pou Tiri Ao were appointed by them to all places; to the sun, to the moon, to the stars, to the clouds, to the winds, to the oceans, to Rarohenga.

The Pou Tiri Ao of the heavens and the planes of these heavens are eleven in number.

They have been appointed by the Whatukura of Io to the heavens and planes with all pertaining to them.

2. The sun causes death in that its rays kills growing things; it is not the case that it produces only good.

The moon also causes destruction to earthly things, the wind does likewise, as do trees.

Hence there is nothing in the world without evil, therefore all things have evil as well as good.

This was the reason that the Pou Tiri Ao were appointed to all things to take care that they run their course properly, and least the things of this world quarrelled amongst themselves, and to prevent anger, which was wrong according to the ideas of the Pou Tiri Ao, to maintain the existence of good in each thing in this world.

3. Everything whether of the earth itself or the waters thereof, each has its own guardian.

Should the Pou Tiri Ao perceive anything in the world going wrong, or changing its purpose its life, its form, they divert it, put a stop or an end to it. If no Pou Tiri Ao had been appointed to the world, the growth, the life, the death of all things would have been a perpetual struggle, and consequently growth and life in this world would have been wasted.

It was for these reasons that Io gave these powers to the Pou Tiri Ao.

4. Also Io, the Whatukura and Mareikura took least estrangement and disputes arose amongst the Pou Tiri Ao themselves.

Io Mata Putahi commanded the Whatukura to become guardians over the Pou Tiri Ao least they fall out amongst themselves.

Thus they and the Mareikura hold a position enabling them to assist the Pou Tiri Ao in all their works; so that they all might have one mind in supervising the growth and the life, and to prevent divergence in the form of all things in the world.

Seeing that this was a mutual position of the Pou Tiri Ao, the Whatukura and Mareikura, it followed that the Pou Tiri Ao were subservient to the Whatukura whom alone was delegated the Mana Ariki.

It was because of the Mana Ariki in the Whatukura of Te Toi Oo Ngaa Rangi that they had power and authority to enter every part of the heavens, the moons, the stars and Rarohenga.

These in all things were subject to the Pou Tiri Ao and that they themselves were in like manner subject to the Whatukura to whom the lordship, the power, the life and death in the presence of, or with the countenance of Io Nui. 

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