1. Tikitiki Oo Ngaa Rangi -te toi oo ngaa rangi-.

2. Tiritiri Oo Matangi.

3. Rangi Naonao Ariki.

4. Rangi Wanawana.

5. Ranginui Katika.

6. Rangimata Ura.

7. Tauru Rangi.

8. Rangimata Wai.

9. Rangimaire Kura.

10. Rangiparauri.

11. Rangi Tamaku.

12. Ranginui a Tamakurangi.

These are the names of Rangituhaha in their order as they stand above.

1, being the summit and 12, being the sky above and nearest the earth.

These twelve heavens are where Ngaa Apa Atua of each heaven move to and fro.

None of Ngaa Apa may enter Te Toi Oo Ngaa Rangi, and only Io and Ngaa Whatukura and Ngaa Mareikura of that heaven dwell there.

Ngaa Mareikura me Ngaa Whatukura have entrance to all the heavens even down to earth.

Ngaa Apa may only enter Te Toi Oo Ngaa Rangi when Io sends messengers to summon them.

They may never enter without permission. 

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