Ru and Hina

It is said that Ru and his sister Hina were one of the first great explorers of the Pacific. They were the son and daughter of Te Ira Whaki and Taranga. Ru prepared his canoe, Te Apori, to circumnavigate the earth with his sister. As Ru prepared his canoe he looked around and observed the appearance of the world and marked the boundaries as follows:-

East = Te Hitia o te Ra
West = Te Tooa o te Ra
South = Apato’a
North = Apato’erau
South-east = Hitia i To’a
North-east = Hitia i To’erau
South-west = Tooa i To’ra
North-west = Tooa i To’erau

A strong matt for a sail was tied with cords to a mast at the centre of the canoe Te Apori, and Ru with his sister embarked on their voyage. Ru sat astern with his great paddle for steering in sailing and a smaller paddle to use in calms or for playing against the tide in meeting head winds;

Hina sat in the bow of Te Apori to watch for land, and thus they sailed away. Ru lay to at night and sailed on in the day time. They sailed east and arrived at little Tahiti, Mo’orea struck by the wind, and at great Tahiti with Hiti i Te Arapiopio (taiarapu). They sailed around those islands.

Ru and Hina sailed on; the islands were located by them. From the south to north, from east to west, they were all located by Ru, the dear valiant one, Ru, the great valiant one, Ru who explored the earth with his sister Hina:

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