Taane Nui a Rangi and Io Nui

After these things had occurred, Taane Nui a Rangi was conducted into Matangireia where Io Nui was awaiting him.

On his arrival Io Nui asked of him: – “by whom are we?”

“By the sky father and the earth mother is thy child, Oo Io Matua, E i!”

“Who is thy companion?”

"My elder brother, Whiro te Tipua."

"He went by way of the Taepatanga of the heavens, to ascend.”

“Thy elder brother will not succeed; the winds of the conjoint heavens blow too strongly.”

Io Nui added, “What is thy reason for ascending here?”

“The sacred contents of the baskets pertaining to the sky father and earth mother to obtain; hence have i ascended up to thee, Oo Io Nui, E i!"

“Io Nui then said, “Let us go to Rauroha,” and when they got there, then for the first time was seen how numerous were Ngaa Whatukura and Ngaa Mareikura there staying.

Taane was purified in Rauroha, and after this had been accomplished, they then entered the temple Rangitea.

It was here that Ngaa Whatukura gave into the charge of Taane Nui a Rangi, the three baskets and the two stones.

They were ‘God Stones’. 

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