Taane te Waananga a Rangi
Returns to Earth

Now, after the three Kete of the Waananga and the two stones had been acquired, the Whatukura escorted Taane te Waananga a Rangi and his properties to the next lower heaven. Ruatau, Rehua, Aitupawa were there, and a numerous host of other Whatukura in the company.

On reaching Tiritiri oo Matangi they found their friends, Takawairangi and Te Ataata oo Te Rangi, who had been joined by the descendants of Huru te Arangi, daughter of Tapuhi Kura, younger brother of Rangi Tamaku awaiting them. These are that family: -

1. Titi a Toa

2. Titi a Tamai

3. Titi Matanginui

4. Titi Mataura

5. Titi Parauri

6. Titi Puhikura

7. Titi Matakaha

8. Titi Kauru

9. Titi Rorohau

10. Titi te Apuhau

11. Titi te Apunui

12. Titi te Apu Parauri

These are the family of Tawhirimatea and Paraweranui –stormy south wind- who are their parents; there were many others besides.

Tapuhi Kura and the wife of Tarapae are the guardians of their grandchildren at Te Tihi oo Mano, where their house is named Mairiiri Kapua.

The courtyard of their house is named Marae Nui; and they amuse themselves with whip tops, Tahua Roa being the name of the court in which they play.

The brow, from which they gaze down on the back of their ancestor Rangitamaku, is named Paroro Rangi; it is in Rangi Naonaoariki that this family dwells.

Taane te Waananga a Rangi and his companions, the Whatukura, descended until they reached Rangi te Wawana where they were attacked by the war party of Whiro te Tipua; these are their names:-

1. Pekepeke Matatuwai

2. Pekepeke Haurutua

3. Pekepeke Harakuku

4. Pekepeke Riwaru

5. Pekepeke Matanui

As soon as the war party was discovered it was attacked by the company of Taane te Waananga a Rangi; the war party of Whiro te Tipua was defeated at Te Rangi Haupapa, and the following brought down to earth as prisoners: These are their names:-

1. Kaahu –hawk-

2. Karearea –sparrow hawk-

3. Matuku –crane-

4. Kea –parrot-

5. Kakapo –night parrot-

6. Pekapeka –bat-

7. Ruru –owl-

8. Kakariki –parakeet-

The grandchildren of Keerangi were taken prisoners, they are:-

1. Waeroa –mosquito-

2. Namupoto –little sand fly-

3. Naonao –sand fly-

4. Roo –ant-

5. Weeta –wingless locust-

6. Pepe –butterfly-

7. Rango –blowfly-

8. Kawhitiwhiti –grasshopper and other insects of that nature.

The above is the reason they were brought here and are found here on earth.

And now the face of Ranginui flashed forth in brilliant red. Hence did Tupai a Tau, Uepoto, Tamakaka, Uruao, Tumatauenga, Tangaroamatua, and Tawhirimatea know that the Waananga had been acquired by Taane te Waananga a Rangi.

Great was the joy, and the rejoicing of the family of gods, even those at Tu Aniwaniwa.

But Whiro te Tipua alone was not glad; he was continuously angry and jealous on account of the exceeding Mana that had accrued to Taane te Waananga a Rangi.

And now Uruao and Tupai a Tau took their trumpets and sounded a fanfare; they were named Te Whararoa oo te Rangi –the arch of heaven- and Puororangi trumpet sounding in heaven.

The whole family of the gods heard the trumpet blasts, and knew thereby that Taane te Waananga a Rangi had succeeded in his quest.

When the party arrived at the Turumu of Whare Kura, and after the purification ceremony, they entered Whare Kura and there suspended the three Waananga at the back of the temple, where also the two Whatu were deposited.

Whiro demanded that the Kete and stones should be delivered up to him.

Taane te Waananga a Rangi said to him, “where are others to be found if we agree to that?

It is sufficient that you have some of our elder brethren with you; the baskets must be left with these members of our elder and younger brethren.”

Rongomaraeroa and Uru te Ngangana both consented to this.

Whiro te Tipua was very angry at this and returned home with the two Whatu.

After this the Whatukura returned to Te Toi oo Ngaa Rangi.

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