Tawhiti Nui

After the great battle in Tawhiti Roa, it was decided to evacuate that country and proceed to seek another home for the Irihia survivors.

There were seven Waka that came away to Tawhiti Nui, which were named as follows:




Te Marama.

The names of three of the other Waka are not now known.

The chiefs who came away in those Waka were:





These were the principal men in the migration to Tawhiti Nui.

The reason these ariki and their people migrated to the above place in the seven Waka was on account of some fish that were stolen from their net by the Tangatawhenua of Tawhiti Roa as mentioned previously.

Now, these chiefs all came away from Tawhiti Roa and after a time reached another great land, when a great fear fell upon them; they said amongst themselves, "Now indeed shall we all be killed by the people of this great island".

So, they called the name of that island Tawhiti Nui on account of the size of it.

They then entered a certain river, the mouth of which was situated on the south west side of that land.

They went up it inland a very long way, when at a certain place Tawhitiorangi said to his companion ariki that, they ought to set to and build a pa as a dwelling-place for themselves, their women and children.

Tawhitiorangi considered they should build a stone fort, whilst Turongorau thought a wooden one best, with three lines of defense.

Tutemahurangi and Maahurangi said that the best Pa for them would be to ascend to the midst of a cliff and there excavate a deep place, so that when they went forth to seek food for themselves, the pa of the women and children could not be taken by any people who might come to assault it.

This idea was agreed to, and they set to work to excavate a place on the face of a steep cliff; they worked at it and finished it, and then they named it Te Kohurau, it was a Puwhenua, - artificial cave-.

The entrance was thus arranged so that water should not enter the cave, and so that only a few men could enter the doorway at a time.

That kind of pa cannot be taken by an assaulting party.

After dwelling in this manner for a long time, and men had become numerous, they built pa on the mainland, in the open.

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