Tawhiti Roa

After the people, consisting of the family and grandchildren of Tangiteruru, with their tribe had arrived at Tawhiti Roa, they settled down and dwelt there for a long time until their numbers had greatly increased.

Tawhiti Roa was already inhabited by people who are described as Kopeka, Parauri, and Hamua.

How long the Irihia people dwelt in peace with the Tangatawhenua of Tawhiti Roa is unknown, but the time came when a simple quarrel about some fish that were taken by the Tangatawhenua out of the nets belonging to the Irihia people, led to a most disastrous war in which a large number of Irihia Ariki, were slain.

In their defeat, the Irihia people secured a large number of Tangata Whenua prisoners who accompanied them in their further adventures.

The names of this series of battles have been handed down as Waikumea, Waiharorangi, Waiongana, Waiparauri; while the general name of the war was known as Te Matenga o Tini o Pokaua Ko Rua Ruamano, whom was the great supreme chief over all the ariki of the Irihia people that were killed in the war.

These serious defeats of the Irihia people in Tawhiti Roa, led to the determination by the surviving Ariki to abandon that country and seek fresh homes away to the east and north east. 

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