Te Kaha Paanga Na Mahi Matakite

Te Ruunanga Aa Kaha Paanga Na Mahi Matakite is to communicate to the initiate the capacity to perform some particular act or to practice certain exercises which tend to develop various physical or intellectual faculties.

There are three categories of teaching, three categories of methods and practices, three kinds of initiation corresponding thereto.

The Exoteric, The Esoteric, The Mystic.

In addition each of these is in three degrees.

The Lower, The Middle, The Higher.

Initiations and rituals of the lower degrees sometimes afford occasion for pompous ceremonies at which several candidates are present.

Mystic initiations and rituals are of sober character often conferred without witness or in private audience.

EXOTERIC:- Introducing the new initiates into the psychic communion of those whom have in the past performed, or are performing the rites one themselves are about to practice.

The result of this wide flung communion is to give the ritual acts performed by the officiating Tohunga, and to the formulae recited by the Tohunga a power which a mere novice would be incapable of imparting to them.

ESOTERIC:- A ceremonial presentation to a powerful protector, or some permission which allows for the legitimate and fruitful performance of a special act or devotion.

Presentation to a super being affects esoterically the nature of a particular fusion between the worshipper and the worshipped.

The former benefits by participating to some extent in the virtues and the power of the superior being with whom one remains in close contact.

MYSTICAL:- These are psychic in character.

The theory upon which they are based is that the energy emanating from the Tohunga, or from more occult sources, may be transmitted to the initiate whom is capable of ”drawing it off” from the psychic waves into which one is plunged during Te Ruunanga Aa Te Kaha Paanga Na Mahi Matakite.

Here a force is placed within the grasp of the novice. To seize and appropriate this force constitutes ones part in the ceremony; the success of which depends on one's own skill.

Here an opportunity to endow oneself with power.

Some mystical rituals are conferred absolutely silently.

Here several hours of meditation takes the place of oral instruction.

In another variation the Tohunga silently hints at symbolic gestures during initiation.

They also point to different objects, or grouping them in different ways in order to awaken ideas in the initiate.

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