Te Kaupapa Hiahia

1. Human life and its innumerable difficulties have for object, in the ordination of eternal wisdom, Te Waananga Aa Te Kaupapa Hiahia Oo Te Ira Tangata.

2. Te Mana of one consists in Te Mahi Aa Naana Ake Hiahia and in Tikanga Aa Pai Hiahia  in conformity with Te Pono Maatauranga.

3. Te Pai in conformity with Te Pono is the just, Justice is the practice of reason, Reason is the work of reality, Reality is the science of Te Pono, Te Pono is an idea identical with being.

One arrives at the absolute idea by two roads; Experience and hypothesis, Hypothesis is probable when it is necessitated by the teaching of experience; it is improbable or absurd when it is rejected by this teaching.

4. Experience is science and hypothesis is faith, Te Pono of science necessarily admits faith, Te Pono of faith necessarily reckons with science.

5. Nothing resists Tikanga Aa Hiahia of humans when one knows Te Pono and performs Tikanga Aa Pai Hiahia.

6. Tikanga Aa Kino Hiahia  is Tikanga Aa Hemonga Hiahia.

Te Hiahia that is perverse is a beginning of suicide.

7. Tikanga Aa Pai Hiahia with violence is Tikanga Aa Kino Hiahia, for violence produces disorder and disorder produces Te Kino.

8. One can and one should accept Te Kino as the means of Te Pai, but one must never Tikanga Aa Hiahia it or do it, otherwise one would destroy with one hand what one has built with the other.

Good faith never justifies bad means, it corrects them when one undergoes them and condemns them when one takes them.

9. To have the right to possess always, one must patiently and long perform Tikanga Aa Hiahia.

10. To pass one's life in Te Mahi Aa Naana Ake Hiahia saying that it is impossible to possess always, is to abdicate life and accept the eternity of death.

11. The more obstacles Te Hiahia surmounts the stronger it is; it is for this reason the ancient’s glorified poverty and sorrow.

12. When Te Hiahia is vowed to the absurd it is reproved by eternal reason.

13. Tikanga Aa Hiahia of the just person is Tikanga Aa Hiahia Oo Io and the law of nature.

It is by Tikanga Aa Hiahia that the intelligence sees.

If Tikanga Aa Hiahia is healthy then the sight is just.

Io said “let there be light!” and light is, Tikanga Aa Hiahia says “let the world be as I wish to see it!” and the intelligence sees it as Tikanga Aa Hiahia has wished it.

This is the meanings of the words; “So be it”, “Amen”, and “Kia Tina Tina Hui E Taiki Eiii”, which confirms acts of faith.

14. When one creates phantoms for oneself one puts vampires into the world and must nourish these children of a voluntary nightmare with one's blood, ones life, one's intelligence, and ones reason without ever satisfying them.

15. To affirm and Tikanga Aa Hiahia what ought to be is to create; to affirm and Tikanga Aa Hiahia what ought not to be is to destroy.

16. Te Maarama is an electric fire put by nature at the service of Te Hiahia.

It lights those who know how to use it and it burns those who abuse it.

17. The empire of the world is the empire of Te Maarama.

18. Great intellects whose Tikanga Aa Hiahia is badly balanced are like comets which are aborted suns.

19. To do nothing is as fatal as to do Te Kino but it is more cowardly.

20. The most unpardonable of mortal sins is inertia.

21. To suffer is to work.

A great sorrow suffered is a progress accomplished.

Those who suffer much, live more than those who do not suffer.

22. Voluntary death from devotion is not suicide.

It is the apotheosis of Te Hiahia.

23. Fear is nothing but the idleness of Te Hiahia and for that reason public opinion scourges the cowards.

24. Succeed in not fearing the lion and the lion will fear you. Say to sorrow, “Ko Au Kapai Hiahia, Ko Kapai Hiahia Ko Au.”

25. A chain of iron is easier to break than a chain of flowers.

26. Before saying a person is happy or unhappy, find out what Tikanga Aa Hiahia has made of them.

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