Te Ki Whanui

1. Analogy is the final word of science and the first word of faith.

2. Harmony consists in Tauriterite; Tauriterite subsists by the analogy of contraries.

3. Absolute unity is the supreme and final reason of things.

4. Now this reason can neither be one person or three it is a reason, and reason at its highest.

5. To create Tauriterite we must separate and unite; separate by the poles unite by the centre.

6. Koorerorero Oo Te Take Aa Whakapono is to destroy Whakapono; to create mysticism in philosophy is to assail reason.

7. Take and Whakapono, by their nature mutually exclude one another, but they unite by analogy.

8. Analogy is the sole possible mediator between finite and infinite.

9. Dogma is the ever ascending hypothesis of a presumable question.

10. For the ignorant it is the hypothesis which is the absolute affirmation, and the absolute affirmation which is hypothesis.

11. We believe in that which we do not know, but which reason leads us to admit.

12. To define and circumscribe the object of faith is therefore to formulate the unknown.

13. Professions of faith are formulations of the ignorance and aspirations of humanity.

14. The Theorems of science are monuments of humanities conquests.

15. One can Koorero that which one believes in the measure of that which one knows, by reason of that which one knows not; and one can accomplish all that one wills in the measure of that which one believes, and by Te Take of that which one knows.

16. The analogy of contraries is the relation of light and shade, of height and hollow of plenum and void.

17. Allegory, the mother of all dogmas, is the substitution of impressions for dyes, of shadows for realities.

18. It is the fable of truth and the truth of fable.

19. One does not invent a dogma; one veils a truth and a shade for weak eyes is produced.

20. The initiator is not an impostor, but a revealer, one who veils afresh; the creator of a new shadow.

21. Analogy is the key of all secretes of nature, and the sole fundamental Take of all revelations.

22. Analogy yields all forces of nature to the Tohunga. Analogy is the quintessence of the philosophical stone; the secrete of perpetual motion; the quadrature of the circle; the temple resting on two pillars; the key to the great Arcanum; the root to the tree of life; the science of good and evil.

23. To find the exact scale of correspondences in things appreciable by science is to fix the bases of faith and thus become possessed of the rod of miracles.

24. Now there exists a principle and a rigorous formula which is the great Arcanum.

25. Let the wise seek it not for they have already found it; let the profane seek it for ever; for they will never find it.’

26. Metallic transmutation takes place spiritually and physically by the positive key of analogies.

27. Occult medium is simply the exercise of the will applied to the very source of life; to Wairua –the existence of which is a fact-, which has a movement conformed to calculations, having the grand magikal Arcanum for their ascending and scale.

28. This universal Arcanum, the final and eternal secrete of transcendent initiation, is represented by a naked female, who touches the earth only by one foot, has a magnetic rod in each hand, and seems to be running in a crown held up by an eagle, an angel, a bull, a lion: the comprehension of this figure is the key of all occult sciences.

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