Te Kore te Tamaua

1. Te Kore te Tamaua is the well from which the roots of the four great world trees are sustained.

These trees are called Aroha -love-, Angi -liberty-, Ora -life-, Maarama -light-; therefore if Te Kore te Tamaua be the centre of your own being, they must needs fill you with their secret goodness.

By Maarama look upon yourselves and behold all things that are in truth one thing only whose name has been called Te Kore -The No-Thing, Dao, The Unknowable - . The substance of Maarama is Ora fore without existence and energy it would not be.

By Ora therefore are you made yourselves eternal and incorruptible, flaming forth as suns, self-created and self-supported, each the sole centre of the universe.

By Maarama you behold, by Aroha you feel. There is an ecstasy of pure Matauranga –knowledge- and another of pure Aroha.

This Aroha is therefore that which unites things diverse, for the contemplation in Maarama of their oneness.

2. Know that the universe is not at rest but in extreme motion whose sum is at rest.

This understanding that stability is change, and change stability, that being is becoming, and becoming is being, is the key to the Golden Palace of Te Kore te Tamaua.

3. By Angi is the power to direct your course according to your will.
For the extant of the universe is without bounds, and Angi is yours to make your pleasure as you will, seeing that the diversity of being is infinite also.

For this also is the joy of Te Kore te Tamaua, that no two stars are alike, and you must also understand that this multiplicity is itself unity, and without it unity could not be. This is a hard saying against reason, which is but a manipulation of the mind; you come to pure Matauranga by direct perception of Pono.

4. Know also that these four trees of Te Kore te Tamaua grow within and upon all paths and you shall use them not only in the highways of the universe, but in every by path of your daily life.

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