Te Tuhi Oo AuturoA

Te Tuhi Oo AuturoA, ‘The House of Four Corridors‘ is the second companion project of Te Whare Auturoa.

Whilst both the Auturoa Waananga and the companion Whakapapa sites are considered quiet cyber spaces, Te Tuhi, on the other hand, is the cyber space for collaboration via communication. 

Herein the leanings found within the Te Whare Auturoa and Te Tairaawhiti Whakapapa sites are amplified in contextual understanding and practical application. 

Te Tuhi o AuturoA in all its aspects is seen as a direct result of both the Upper Jaw and the Lower Jaw influencing the eternal now to growth. 

Growth of Knowledge 

Growth of Belonging 

Growth of Unity

Growth of Tomorrow  


Clayton Taylor-Nelson and Joyce Whaitiri-Hingston.

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