1. Te Whare Waananga Auturoa is divided into three branches;

Te Kauwae Runga; which is taught in the Whare Waananga.

Te Kauwae Raro; which is taught in the Whare Kaupo.

Te Whare Maire; which has no place of teaching.

2. All three branches contain the following teachings;

Uruuru Matua – The teachings of peace, of all goodness, of love

Uruuru Tipua – The teachings of all karakia, incantations, rituals used by humanity.

Uruuru Tawhito – The teachings of the wars of mankind, agriculture, tree or wood work, stone work, earth work, metal work, of all things that tend to well being, life of whatsoever kind,

3. All teachings delivered are extracted from the three Kete of knowledge as gained by Taane;

Kete Aronui – Basket of Te Raa

Kete Tuatea – Basket of Te Poo

Kete Tuauri – Basket of Te Rite

Completion of the Whare Waananga curriculum shall be deemed complete when one has entered into, participated and graduated from each of the seven learning houses which constitute the Waananga. The houses are metaphors for a grading system based upon levels of consciousness. There are seven grades one must pass to become a graduate of Whare Waananga Oo Ngaa Atua Marire.

4. The houses are divided amongst the three branches of teaching;

i) Kauwae Raro:

1°=7▫ Te Raa (the sun) (kete Raaururangi)

2°=6▫ Te Marama (the moon) (kete Kauhanga)

3°=5▫ Mere Mere (venus) (Koopuu)

ii) Whare Maire :

4°=4▫ Mata Whare (mars) (Matawhero)

5°=3▫ Whiro (mercury) (Whiro)

iii) Kauwae Runga:

6°=2▫ Parearau (saturn) (Pareaarau)

7°= 1▫ Kopunui (jupiter) (Koopuunui)

5. The teachings of Kauwae Raro are as follow;

1°=7▫ Racial lore, tribal lore, hapu lore, whanau lore, personal lore.

2°=6▫ The ancient wars, The migrations from the home land, Tribal traditions, myths and legends.

3°=5▫ Whakapapa, Traditional arts and crafts.

All teachings commence at the suns zenith until sunset.

6. The teaching of the Whare Maire are as follow;

4°=4▫ Magikal Arts Kaupapa

5°=3▫ Magikal Arts Tikanga

All teachings commence at sunset until sunrise.

7. The teachings of the Kauwae Runga are as follows;

6°=2▫ Esoteric lore, Sky lore, Earth lore, Water lore, Higher principles of Kete Tuauri and Kete Aronui.

7°=1▫ All ceremonials concerning enlightenment, Preservation of spiritual, intellectual and physical welfare.

All teachings commence at sunrise until the suns zenith.

8. Each grade is delivered through house lectures and where deemed necessary, tasks will be given to accomplish. All students must attend their house lectures and complete all tasks given during the term in which their grade is delivered. At the terms completion students will be tested for competency within their grade and house. Those whom are deemed competent will be given all the tokens of attainment appropriate to the house graduated.

9. The Waananga begins at sunrise upon the first new moon in April. The Waananga ends upon sunset of the first new Moon in February. Therefore a learning rotation consists of eleven months totaling three hundred and thirty days.

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