Te Whitu Atua

The seven Maaori Gods taken from the cave Kohuau and brought to Aotearoa upon the Takitimu Waka.
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KAHUKURA - "Be lighted with desire of silence for therein the source of light be found."

RONGOMAI - "Forward central balance from the point of origin to connect unchangeable."

TUNUIATEIKA - "Be erect allow growth unchangeable with intent produce the unchangeable spark of light."

TAMAIWAHO - "Form possessive of self to connect the unchangeable definite space of enhancement."

RUAMANO - "Shake with intent to connect that belonging to."

HINEKORAKO - "Draw up and request reference of future time so as by source of light view reference of future time."

TUHINAPO - "Be erect draw up refresh the length of time."

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