The Order of Creation

Now after the war of the gods, the appointment of the Pou Tiri Ao to their functions in the planes of Ranginui, Papatuuaanuku, and Lady Ocean, was duly completed.

Then was completed the various beings to dwell in the great ocean, the waters of the earth, the trees, not to mention the reptiles and insects, for they are the lice of earth mother; hence are they called Te Whanau a Torohuka.

At this time came the command of Ruatau and Rehua to Taane Nui a Rangi saying: “honor the offspring of Torohuka and Muhumuhu as friends for you all, some are evil some are good.”

The words of these two Whatukura referred to the Ngarara –reptiles, insects-; for they were the first created of all living things.

Thus:- The waters of the ocean that are in the world were created by waters.

And then grew the land.

The earth taken upon maturity to wife by the sky father:

1. Next the minor vegetation growing each after its own kind.

2. Next the trees of every kind to clothe the naked earth.

3. Next the reptiles and insects of every kind.

4. Next the animals and dogs of every species.

5. Next the birds of different kind.

6. Next the moon the sun and all the stars.

7. Next Hine Ahuone and Hine Titama:

By these all from the very first down to the creation of woman, mentioned each in its own period growing up in their own time, increasing in their own periods, each conceived after their own manner and time of whatsoever nature, each had its own time of conception or sprouting.

We now understand that this is the nature of all things and each thing has its female through which it conceives; whatsoever there is, it has a wife; there is nothing that stands alone without its female.

All things have their female counterparts.

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