The Overturning of Mother Earth

Before Taane Nui a Rangi ascended by the Aratiatia to Te Toi oo Ngaa Rangi, and after Ranginui and Papatuuaanuku had been separated, the face of their mother had been overturned so that she faced Rarohenga.

The youngest child of these parents, named Whakaruaumoko was at the time a child at the breast.

They left this child as a comfort for their mother.

Now, hence through Whakaruaumoko are the earthquakes, and volcanic phenomena that constantly war against us in every age.

The reason the gods overturned the earth to face downwards to Rarohenga was because she continually lamented for Ranginui, and because Ranginui constantly lamented over her; that is, this was the nature of her lamenting, she continuously closed the avenues of light by means of clouds and mists, while Ranginui constantly obscured things by his tears, both day and night; that is the rain was constant, never ceasing, as was the snow, the black frost, the driving snow, and hence did they overturn their mother to face downwards to Rarohenga.

After this their condition was much ameliorated.

But they still dwelt in a faint light like the moonlight of this earth, because neither stars, the moon, nor the sun had been placed in position.

The name given by Ruatau to this world was this: He said to the sky father and earth mother; “let your offspring go forth and dwell.

Leave them to move about on you two.” He added; “do not continue to enclose them between your bodies.

Let them go forth to Tahora Nui a Teu and therein move about.”

Hence we learn the name given by Ruatau to this world; ‘Tahora Nui a Teu’. It was Hine Titama that gave the commonly used name of Te Aotuuroa to this world.

It was thus her relative, Te Kauwatawata spoke to her, saying, “O lady! Return hence! Here ceases the world of light.

Beyond me is the darkness ever present.” Hine Titama replied to him; “let me remain there that i may catch the living spirit of my descendants in the world of everlasting light.”

We learn by this that Hine Titama gave this world its name ‘Te Aotuuroa’.

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