The Separation of the Dwellings of the Gods

Now at this time the family of gods proceeded to arrange the Kaupeka of Ranginui, that is to direct matters so that they might be able to adopt a course leading to their benefit.

But they were not able to accomplish it, for they were confused about the direction of earthly things, they could not manage it.

They then decided to have separate dwelling places. Whiro te Tipua, Uru te Ngangana and their immediate friends dwelt in Tu Te Aniwaniwa, that was their house, and the place where they lived.

Tumatauenga, Tamakaka, Rongomaraeroa and others dwelt in Whare Kura, that was their house, and the place where they dwelt with their friends.

Taane i te Pukenga, Paia and others dwelt in Huaki Pouri with their friends.

Thus it was that the family dwelt separately; an envious heart was the reason, and the following were the causes of this ill feeling:

1. On account of the persistence of Taane i te Pukenga that they should go forth from the embrace of their parents.

2. The biting of the Anurangi, Anuwai, Anuwiniwini, and Anumatao. 

3. The persistence of Taane i te Pukenga, Tupai and their faction, that Rangi Potiki and Papatuuaanuku should be separated. 

4. The evil heart of Taane i te Pukenga, Tupai, Tumatauenga, Tumatakaka and others in deciding to cut off the arms of their parents with the axes Te Awhio Rangi and Te Whironui. 5. The presumption of Taane i te Pukenga and his faction in undertaking these works. If it had been Uru te Ngangana, Roiho, Haepuru, Tangaroamatua, and Tumatauenga, Whiro te Tipua would have consented.

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