Three Baskets and Two Stones

These are the names of the three baskets and two stones:

1. Te Kete Uruuru Matua –of peace, of all goodness, of love.

2. Te Kete Uruuru Rangi –of all prayers, incantations, dogma and rituals used by humanity.

3. Te Kete Uruuru Tau –of the coming wars of humanity, agriculture, tree and wood work, stone work, earth work, science work, of all things that tend to well being, life, of whatsoever kind.

1. Te Whatukura Huka a Tai –foam of ocean-

2. Te Whatukura Rehu Tai –white sea mist-

These stones are both white in color; they are stones that may indicate either good or evil.

The two Whatu are not ordinary stones of this earth, but were brought from heaven.

It was from them the Whatukura a Taane and Whatukura a Tangaroa were made.

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