Tupuna Aa Rangatira

Na Philip. B. Billing

1. For many the necessary qualifications for one to carry the knowledge of the ancestral line are misunderstood.

This occurs because the belief is stubbornly held one has a privileged position and entitlement to Mana oo Ngaa Tupuna and Ngaa Atua solely for one's own benefit.

In This misunderstanding of the role of leadership are there some lessons to be learned.

The first thing which must be clearly understood by those whom assume a role of self-appointed privilege, is that one does not carry Mana oo Ngaa Tupuna and Ngaa Atua as a natural entitlement of individual right.

Mana is earned by effort in understanding the pathway to Ngaa Tupuna and Ngaa Atua and openly sharing with all the knowledge gained from those on the inner spiritual planes.

To misunderstand ones correct place in this is to deny the renewal of the sacred knowledge and to close the doors to all who rely on the correct conduct of the one who leads.

2. “In those whom i have chosen to share all that i am, i also share the Mana oo Ngaa Atua."

"In them i place my faith and trust that they may guide those whom they lead in the understanding of the true goal, which is one of total rest in me."

3. There are four new qualifications for the knowledge of the ancestral line:

a) the ability to commune with Te Po Tiri Ao that correct guidance and instruction can be obtained in the affairs of the people.

b) one must understand the process by which the doorways to Whakapapa are opened, thereby giving access to the guardians of the sacred knowledge of Io and Ngaa Atua.

c) one must have a full grasp of the knowledge of Tikanga and the organizational process of Kaupapa.

Without these no advance of any enduring benefit can be learned.

d) one must open the heart and mind to understanding of the natural sharing process of all things Maaori.

This is fundamental to opening up the spirit of the land that it may speak to all and give understanding of the true spiritual goal.

4. Within these four boundaries does one gain all knowledge necessary and one's advance is assured.

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