1. Tuwhirirangi is the name of the Whare through which entry is gained into Te Toi Oo Ngaa Rangi. Underneath it is the mouth called Te Pu Motomoto Oo Tikitiki Oo Rangi; that is the door of entry into Tuwhirirangi, within which are the guardians of Te Pu Motomoto.

2. Te Puhi Tau -The general name for the different winds that guard the entrance.

3. Maiororangi -Rampart of heaven.

4. Houere Tu -Winds blowing upwards.

5. Houere Tau -Fighting winds.

6. Other numerous Apa.

7. None of the Whatukura of the other heavens may enter unless Rua Tau, Aitu Pawa, Rehua, Puha Oo Rangi, or Tau Oo Rongo, who alone have authority to open the circular window Pu Motomoto allowing some one Apa to enter, whether from the eleventh heaven, the earth or any other place.

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