Whakapapa Ma Atu Aa Maaori

Na Philip. B. Billing

1. When one addresses the ancestral line it is important that protocol of respect to Tupuna and Ngaa Atua is correct in all aspects of inquiry whatever the nature.

One principle feature of successful communion is opening dialogue, firstly by conducting the introduction of ceremonial protocol with Karakia that is attuned to the specific Whakapapa link which is being attended to.

In this what must be recognized, is that the karakia of the specific Whakapapa route to be taken is used.

That is determined by reference to the principle Tupuna of specific Waka who control the flow of knowledge associated with the Whakapapa from there back to the originating source which is Te Kore.

2. The tendency to use known Karakia learned by rote is self-defeating, because most do not recognize nor understand Karakia is of the inner spiritual worlds and not of the physical.

If the principle source is first addressed as instructed, the correct Karakia and basis of whatever ceremonial protocol is necessary, will be given to the one initiating inquiry of the ancestral line.

3. When the principle Tupuna of the ancestral Waka concerned are addressed correctly, the Whakapapa lines will automatically open, at which time the spiritual guardians of the knowledge will be in attendance to supervise the communication process and authority in the giving out of the inquired knowledge.

4. The word Whakapapa is itself the key to opening the doors to the Tupuna and Ngaa Atua.

Such is the nature of the sacred knowledge of Io and Ngaa Atua that unless one understands the structure of the spiritual codes, and how to use them, nothing of value can objectively be attained.

5. The total basis of Whakapapa is locked into the record known on the inner spiritual planes as Waka a Ratu Ma Atu Ko Io; the record of the Mana of Ngaa Atua.

6. “The purpose of the sacred Whakapapa is to gain understanding of me; and in the end to discover who you truly are."

"Without understanding its true nature, humanity must return again and again to face the pain of new experiences, to discover the pathway home to me”. 

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