and Origin of Volcanic Fires

The youngest child of the Sky Father and Earth Mother was Whakaruaumoko who, when the earth was turned over was a child at breast; he was their last child.

After the separation of Ranginui and Papatuuaanuku, Taane Nui a Rangi and Tupai a Tau saw the great love Papatuuaanuku bore to Ranginui; she could not rest in quiet; she continually turned from side to side.

So Taane Nui a Rangi and Tupai a Tau and some other gods, thought it best to turn the face of their mother downwards to Te Muriwaihou, to Rarohenga, so she might no longer see Ranginui, her heavenly husband.

Tupai a Tau said unto Taane Nui a Rangi, ‘I have great love for our younger brother, Whakaruaumoko, let us take him from the breast of our mother and retain him with us.”

Taane Nui a Rangi replied, “We cannot do that; leave him to warm and comfort the breast of our mother.”

It was then agreed by all the gods that Papatuuaanuku should be turned over with her face downwards.

Tupai a Tau, seeing this agreement in opinion of the other gods, said, “If such is your determination, let us at least give unto our younger brother some fire.”

To this Tama Kaka consented, and gave some Ahi Komau –volcanic fire- to their younger brother; it was placed in the Houama –cork wood-and then their mother and young brother were turned over to Rarohenga.

So Papatuuaanuku and her youngest child were capsized over to Rarohenga: hence is the broken up appearance of the earth at the present time; the thighs, the arms, the body, the head, all lie in different places.

Whakaruaumoko grew up to adulthood, that is a god; for it has already been said, the god side combined with the earth side when Ranginui and Papatuuaanuku dwelt together, and all their offspring were gods, there was no human germ at that time.

It was only after Taane Matua cohabited with Hine Hauone and Hine Titama was born that the germ of humanity became mankind.

Io Matangaro supplied the blood and fat, Tawhirimatea gave the lungs to Tupai a Tau; the Apa Whatukura gave the memory.

The names given to these operations are, Ruai te Hiringa, Ruai te Pukenga, Ruai te Mahara, and Ruai te Waananga; of these three, one was from Toi oo Ngaa Rangi, and one from the eleven Apa, one was from the earth, and the three portions were combined in one, placed in the water, and so arose the germ of mankind.

Papatuuaanuku was merely the support, and hence was Hine Ahuone formed at Kura Waka, as a receptacle for the blood, the flesh and the breath.

On the accomplishment of this it is said the female form became permanent.

The dwelling places of Whakaruaumoko and his offspring in Rarohenga are as follow:

1. Huru Atea

2. Waikapuka

3. Maruaroa

4. Te Ngaiere i Waho

5. Whetuki

6. Te Oiroa

7. Tokotu ki te Rangi

8. Te Puha oo Rarohenga

9. Mauri Oho

10. Te Pupuha oo te Rangi

11. Maruanuku

12. Te Mominuku

These are the dwelling places of Whakaruaumoko in which were placed permanently the fire give by Tupai a Tau to him in the Houama, and then this fire received the name of Te Ahi Tawhio.

These are the children of Whakaruaumoko and Hine Nui te Poo.

1. Takataka Huri Rangi.

2. Kauahi.

3. Ruaroa.

4. Rua Maahu Nui.

5. Takataka Huri Atea.

6. Ruaeneene.

7. Rua Huna.

8. Pou Turu Makina.

9. Whakarau Awhea.

10. Whakarau Angiangi.

11. Maru Mutu.

12. Maru Hauata.

13. Horonga i Whaoa.

14. Kawerau Awha.

15. Moko Iwaiwa.

16. Moko Ihutonga.

17. Puhoro Nuku.

18. Tua Rangaranga.

19. Te Oinui.

20. Te Oirangi.

21. Aneane Whenua.

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