1. Name – Te Raa

Grade – 1°

Heaven – 7▫ Tauru Rangi

Ruling Planet – The Sun

House Virtue – Faith

House Sin – Pride

House Colours – Orange, Gold Yellow, Rich Amber, Amber Rayed Red

House Animal – Taniwha

House Plant – Kawakawa

House Stone – Te Whatukura Huka a Tai

House Quarter – South

House Function – The Collecting Intelligence

House Weapon – The Discipline (preliminary)

House Service – The path that joins mercy and strength

House Atua – Atua of light

House Lore – The lord of the new Aeon; lord of light, life, liberty, and love.

House Orders – There must be great advances in adjustment of the new aeon to work out simply and without prejudice the formidable problems which have been raised by the growth of civilization.

A time when power will be available to you for a positive change in your life.
… … …

2. Name – Te Maarama

Grade – 2°

Heaven – 6▫ Rangi Mata Ura

Ruling Planet – The Moon

House Virtue – Hope

House Sin – Avarice

House Colours – Buff, Flecked Silver White, Light Translucent Pinkish brown, Stone Colour

House Animals – Paapaka, Honu, Ngohi Moana

House Plant – Kauri

House Stone – Takawai (quartz)

House Quarter – North

House Function – The Corporal Intelligence

House Weapon – The Umu, The Cup

House Service – The path that joins strength and understanding

House Atua – Atua of dreams

House Lore – This is the threshold of life and the threshold of death.

All is doubtful, all is mysterious, all is intoxicating.

House Orders – But the best student, the true student does not consider the matter in such terms at all. Whatever horrors may afflict the soul, whatever abominations may excite the loathing of the heart whatever terrors may assail the mind, the answer is always the same at every stage: “How splendid the adventure”.

Turn inward wait for what is to come.

The internal dialogue the underworld mysteries.

Group order and group prosperity.

The place where opposites meet.
… … …

3. Name – Mere Mere

Grade – 3°

Heaven – 5▫ Ranginui Katika

Ruling Planet – Venus

House Virtue – Charity

House Sin – Luxury

House Colours - Emerald Green, Sky Blue, Earthly Spring Green, Bright Rose of Cerise Rayed Pale Yellow

House Animals – Ngaro Huruhuru 

House Plant – Poohutukawa

House Stone – Pounamu (greenstone)

House Quarter – South East

House Function – The Illuminating Intelligence

House Weapon – Yoni, the Outer Robe of Concealment, The Cup, The Shining Star

House Service – Uniting the father and the mother, the path that joins understanding and wisdom.

House Atua – Atua of Love

House Lore – Here in are the gates of heaven. You must disregard the parts to concentrate on the whole.

House Orders – There is a continuity of life, an inheritance of blood which binds all forms of nature together.

There is no break between light and dark.

The power to create your own energy.
… … …

4. Name – Mata Whare

Grade – 4°

Heaven – 4▫ Rangi Wanawana

Ruling Planet – Mars

House Virtue – Strength

House Sin – Wrath

House Colours – Scarlet, Red, Venetian Red, Bright Red rayed azure or orange.

House Animals – Kereru

House Plant – Horoeka

House Stone – Whatuaho (greywacke)

House Quarter – North East

House Function – The Exciting Intelligence

House Weapon – The Labour of Preparation, The throne and altar.

House Service – The path that joins Wisdom and Mercy

House Atua – Destroying Atua

House Lore – The Manifestation of cosmic energy in its grossest form.

The quintessential quality of the lord of the aeon.

House Orders – The opening of the eye.

The will to live the will to die, A tendency towards change.
… … …

5. Name – Whiro

Grade - 5°

Heaven – 3▫ Rangi Naonao Ariki

Ruling Planet – Mercury

House Virtue – Prudence

House Sin – Idleness

House Colours – Yellow, Purple, Grey, Indigo Rayed Violet

House Animals – Kaahu

House Plant – Harakeke

House Stone – Kiripaka (flint)

House Quarter – South West

House Function – The intelligence of transparency

House Weapon – The Lamp

House Service – The path that joins understanding-to the crown

House Atua – Atua of progress

House Lore – The messenger. Energy sent forth

House Orders – Action in all forms and phases.

The fluidic basis of all transmission of activity; And on the dynamic theory of the universe here is the substance thereof.

The promise of success earned.
… … …

6. Name – Parearau

Grade - 6°

Heaven – 2▫ Tiritiri Oo Matangi

Ruling Planet – Saturn

House Virtue – Temperance

House Sin – Gluttony

House Colours – Indigo, Black, Blue Black, Black Rayed Blue

House Animals – Pouakai 

House Plant – Akeake

House Stone – Tuuhua (obsidian)

House Quarter – West

House Function – The Administrating Intelligence

House Weapon – Tewhatewha

House Service – The path that joins foundation to kingdom

House Atua – The Atua of wilderness

House Lore – Since the end must beget the beginning, hence blackness is also attributed to the sun.

House Orders – The influence of the path descends upon the earth the daughter.

Herein is the setting of the daughter upon the throne of the mother.

Evolutionary change.
… … …

7. Name – Kopu Nui

Grade – 7°

Heaven – 1▫ Te Tikitiki Oo Ngaa Rangi

Ruling Planet – Jupiter

House Virtue – Justice

House Sin – Envy

House Colours – Violet, Blue, Rich Purple, Bright Blue Rayed Yellow

House Animals – Manaia

House Plant – Raataa

House Stone – Te Whatukura Rehu Tai

House Quarter – East

House Function – The Intelligence of Conciliation

House Weapon – The Magikal Circle and Triangle

House Service – The path that joins mercy to victory

House Atua – Atua of Power

House Lore – The end and the reward of the effort is a state of lucid quietude, which however tends to sink into the original inertia.

House Orders – All is continual change, nothing can remain in any phase however dense and dull that thing may be, a time will come when-it begins to stir.

Your attitude towards others and their attitude toward you.

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