Whiro te Tipua the God of Rarohenga

When Whiro te Tipua was defeated in the series of battles known as Te Paerangi, he departed from the presence of the other gods and descended by way of Taheke Roa, to Muriwaihou, to Rarohenga, and then arrived at the dwelling place of Whakaruaumoko and his wife Hine Nui te Poo, to the places mentioned above.

Now the thought grew in Whiro te Tipua and Whakaruaumoko, that they should have but one object in common to avenge the ill treatment of their mother and father.

Whakaruaumoko consented to this proposition, and then Whiro te Tipua proposed they should operate above in the Ao Tu Roa, and make war on Taane Nui a Rangi and his elder brethren. Whakaruaumoko replied to him, “Ye are all from above; carry on your warfare above.

I am from below, and here I will engender my warfare.” Whiro te Tipua asked, “Where will you find weapons?” The other replied, “i will make use of Puna te Waro for in it is contained the Ahi Komau.

Hence is the origin of the eruptions, the earthquakes, of Hine Tuoi, which agitate both land and sea; even from the time of ancient strife down to the present.

And, now was given the third name to the Ahi Komau, Ahi Tawhito , the Ahi Tipua of Whakaruaumoko, which cause the landslips, and the fall of rocks and trees, of mankind, of all things, which Taane Nui a Rangi and his brethren had made.

And thus it is that the ill treatment at Rangitaungawha, is constantly avenged.

Whiro te Tipua and his companion gods ever continue the strife of Tahuaroa, and there he appointed Maiki Nui and Maiki Roa to utterly destroy all things; the water, the blood, the flesh, and the breath.

From within the temple of Hawaiki Nui, direct flows forth the current of death, by the way of Tahekeroa; and then is renewed the warfare of Whiro te Tipua against his enemies, which has existed even from that ancient time down to this day; the peace has never been made in the wars of Whakaruaumoko and Whiro te Tipua against the descendants of Taane.

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