After many years of bouncing around different web platforms trying to find an appropriate host, ‘Rewiring The Self Through Art’ has finally found a permanent home based within local NZ servers seamlessly embedded within ‘Te Whare Waananga Auturoa’.

‘Rewiring The Self Through Art’ now forms one of the three aspects of AuturoA:-

1) The Learning House (Whare Waananga)

2) The Genealogy House (Whakapapa)

3) The Artists House (Tuhi)

It has been a long road combining these three aspects of my workings into one site and many are the lessons learnt upon the way but most importantly i now have sovereign control over the workings by housing them upon a dedicated New Zealand Cloud Server and branding the entire site with a .nz url whilst offering a https:// secure browsing experience.

The entire site is now also mobile optimized and functional which means you can enjoy these working upon any device, anytime, virtually anywhere you can get internet connection.

Within ‘Rewiring The Self Through Art’ i will be continuing with my poetry and storytelling journey whilst covering other aspects of my musical and artistic career and now settled perhaps i may even share personal stories and insights.

Enjoy the new and don’t forget to like share and comment.


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