Reflection Part 2

Upon the ever changing landscape of our tupuna in the mid-1880’s…

Raharuhi Rukupo Ngati Kaipoho chief, born circa. 1800 – died 29 September 1873.

Raharuhi Rukupo navigated a path of peaceful negotiation throughout the turbulent times of the 1850’s and 1860’s.

He among others embraced the movement of Pai Marire and Hauhau. Considered by kawanatanga to be a ‘leading rebel. He gave sanctuary to Pai Marire supporters who fled the East Coast.

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Reflection (Part 1)

… upon the ever changing landscape 1842 when Te Hau ki Turanga was completed and 1867 when it was confiscated:

Puritia mai tera o te riri kia kitea te henga katahi ka tuku mai ai.

Ki te pai koe ki [te] haere mai, kia tere mai.

Let all conflict be withheld until it is established where the fault lies [and it is
proven], only then may fighting be justified.

If you accept this proposal to come then please do it with urgency.

—Raharuhi Rukupo and others to McLean, 12 November 1865

Photographs gratefully received from Te Tairawhiti Museum…photographs by W. Crawford 1887

Raharuhi Rukupo and his people lived at Pakirikiri:

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