Tectum – Pt 8

43: Winds of change Bring summer rains Mid winter fires 44: Cave of the ancients Cave of the others. #tectum NEXT

Cybration – Song Lyrics

CYBRATION 2020 Remaster by INTELLIGENT FOOLZ 00881034861979 TPT – 57:38 SONGS CHILDREN OF MICE nelson 6:54 HIGH ON HIGH nelson 2:41 DON’T LOSE YOUR STYLE nelson 2:54 WANTING nelson /allen /raerino 3:27 DARK CIRCLE nelson /allen /raerino 3:15 FACELESS LIVING nelson 6:54 SHUTDOWN nelson 4:46 FINE nelson /ranginui /allen /raerino 4:13 MEAT 2003 nelson /ranginui 6:32 STRANGER CALL nelson /allen /ranginui 5:29 UNDERSTANDING REMIX nelson /ranginui 5:43 TRIPROLANADA nelson 4:44 WORDS and…… Continue reading Cybration – Song Lyrics

Computed Problegama – Song Lyrics

COMPUTED PROBLEGAMA 2020 REMASTER Computed Problegama 2020 Remaster by Intelligent Foolz 0045635542112 TPT – 47:59 SONGS SCANNED nelson 4:16CREATURE DOWN nelson 5:137TH ROTATION nelson 2:37HOTEL 62 nelson 6:33WHEN I’M MISSING YOU nelson 5:23MOVEMENT nelson 2:58THE BAND PLAYED ON nelson 4:15YOUR FOOL nelson 2:43COMPUTED PROBLEGAMA nelson 1:38THIS COULD GET nelson 3:40IF AT ALL nelson 5:4922 ROTATIONS…… Continue reading Computed Problegama – Song Lyrics