Thought in motion Body is still Centered barefoot Seated upon the ground Rose garden transformed Indigenous the bush now stands All sustenance is within The grasping not needed Word is silent Action is without Naked you stand Boldness in stance Oven for the chief Awhi for the people It is the Aka vine That binds…… Continue reading NSRTFABK2 – 13


Damp grass Stone of moss Round table Kinsfolk’s fires What is this bound This need that must Inside to outside All things now rust There is no bone Nor stone untouched No leaf nor twig Just piles of dust Rat from above Poison below Still there is hope Whereforth the children can grow:


Soon the day Shall have its shortest run People will gather From all nations they’ll come In the north-east Seven be the children standing to greet their father this day They’ll rekindle the fires for his wife whom here stayed Thus the time must then come Whence to her door he returns To be one…… Continue reading NSRTFABK2 – 11