Theta – Pt 17

165: This dance of life The heart doth beat In secret signs In eyes that smile Long lonely roads The mind hath traveled A shade for time A sign post home 166: Come lay me there Beneath that gaze In a place of union Between the fresh and salt Hearken the axe Hearken the tree…… Continue reading Theta – Pt 17

Theta – Pt 16

153: But a whisper among the rose bush 154: Trade winds 155: Equatorial anomalies 156: Curious the cat sits stationary 157: A small collection of broken pens 158: Flax bush secrets 159: A net in tatters 160: A book unread 161: A silent little helper 162: Your smile 163: thus did i retire the day…… Continue reading Theta – Pt 16

Theta – Pt 15

149: Long shadow Wide shadow Shadow long Deep shadow 150: Therein the mind A simple rhyme Us and them You and me That down is up While the square is round A turtle truth Emptiness stands proof 151: Come here Come there Come to yourself Come to your fear The dry is wet Moral high…… Continue reading Theta – Pt 15