A smoking ship upon the horizon Regular now like cookie monster’s iceberg In they come Plastic cash in hand Outwards they go Plans only for land Here i sit Underclass and barefoot Wondering just how My grandchildren will fit: #Prompt41 NEXT

New Shoes

I fell into a hole thinking about you Damaging a pair of brand new shoes I wallowed for days Deep in malaise Punishing myself with thoughts of dismay … … … I stayed here to play For maybe three years Enjoying the darkness of whom the hell cares Until my watch lost time And my…… Continue reading New Shoes

Before The After

Almost and the great could have Grasping and the great pulling Unsatisfied but content Iconic loneliness Selfishly caring Unneeded wanting Metallic weeds Gun metal skyline Black Silverado Nylon strings The road least traveled Eclectic in thought Shoestring love Abandonment by imperial measure Nefariously quixotic Abstract tapestry The warm conversation Moist in thought Damp in action…… Continue reading Before The After