Travel Logs – Lyrics Travel Logs by NELSON UNCLAIMED 0881034696465 TPT - 27:35 SONGS VERSE ONE nelsonTRAVEL LOGS nelsonRHYTHM RIDER nelson500 MILES nelsonONE TWO nelsonTHE MUSHROOMS nelsonFALL AWAY nelsonMY OWN GROUND nelson WORDS and MUSIC ©1993-2009NUCMUSIC.Recorded - 2009 CUZZ STUDIOS GISBORNE.Produced - Kuranui.Engineer - Kuranui. Mastered - BIG HILL STUDIOS GISBORNE.Published 2018 CUZZNZ. THE BANDClayton Nelson - Vocals/ [...]

Party Songz – Lyrics Party Songz by Nelson Unclaimed 0881034694324 TPT - 38:19 SONGS BULLET PROOF MAN Pt 1 nelsonWHEN IT ROLLS nelsonPARTY SONGZ nelsonSTARS ON THE GROUND nelsonTHE NUMBERS MACHINE nelsonBULLET PROOF MAN Pt 2 nelsonVICTORS WINE nelsonWAVES nelsonNOTHING ON TV nelsonEATING THE PEACHES nelsonLAY U DOWN nelsonBULLET PROOF MAN Pt 3 nelson WORDS and MUSIC ©2008NUCMUSIC.Recorded - [...]