Colony 1769 – Song Lyrics Colony 1769 by 4ZHORE 0682821977190 TPT – 44:21 SONGS EARTHS OPEN WOUND nelson /mcgarva /foley NO BILL OF SALE nelson /mcgarva /foley FREE ROAM nelson /mcgarva /foley INSIPID JOURNEY nelson /mcgarva /foley FLAG WARS nelson /mcgarva /foleyINDENTURED SERVITUDE nelson /mcgarva /foley SEARCHING FOR WATER nelson /mcgarva /foley LORE VERSE LAW nelson /mcgarva /foley THE TURNING POINT […]

Sophia’s Garden – Song Lyrics Sophia’s Garden by NELSON UNCLAIMED 0045635542198 TPT – 15:58 SONGS AUTUMN IN SPRING nelsonABOUT THAT GARDEN nelsonMORNING NEWS nelsonSEEDLINGS nelsonLADY OF THE GARDEN nelson /allen /ponga WORDS and MUSIC ©2015NelsonUnclaimedMusic. LADY OF THE GARDEN – All Words and Music ©1993INTELLIGENTFOOLZMUSICGROUP. Recorded – 2015 CUZZ STUDIOS GISBORNE.Produced – Kuranui.Engineer – Kuranui. Mastered – BIG HILL STUDIOS GISBORNE.Published 2018 […]